Only with the Ententaxi there is the 100% money-back guarantee.

We guarantee a punctual delivery of hot deliveries especially on public holidays.

Over the past few years, we've seen time and again how important reliability is when the whole family sits together on the holidays.

In order to meet these requirements, we work with a well thought-out delivery concept, which allows us to guarantee your requested delivery time with a time frame of +/- 45 minutes. It is always recorded the departure of the respective vehicle.

To guarantee a smooth delivery, your order must be received at least 2 business days before the desired delivery date, including proof of payment.


You order your wish menu to the 24.12. at 18: 00 clock. Our kitchen team will produce your menu fresh and your Christmas Duck or Christmas Goose will come out of the oven a maximum of 60 minutes before delivery, will be packaged in our Thermoboxes and sent to you immediately with the driver.

Our money back guarantee:

If the menu does not arrive in the time window specified by us, we will refund you the complete menu.

Conditions for the money back guarantee:

  • Name of the customer on the bell
  • Alternatively, the name of the recipient if noted on the order.
  • Telephone number of the receiver available to the driver.
  • Additional notes when ordering at backyards, allotment gardens or other hard to reach addresses.
  • The money back guarantee does not apply to vacuumed shipping, as we work together with third party service providers.
  • The money back guarantee does not apply to unforeseeable events (such as traffic jams, accidents, vehicle breakdown, weather conditions, other external influences)