Ententaxi - your reliable Christmas delivery service

Culinary delights during the holidays - with Goose roast delivery service on Christmas day.

As every year, the days get shorter and the cold becomes noticeable. And before you know it, Christmas is just around the corner. No other festival is celebrated as extensively, traditionally and solemnly as Christmas.
Of course, the culinary enjoyment must not be neglected on the Christmas days. In addition to an extensively decorated Christmas tree, glowing candles and many gifts, the feast of the three days is the focus of every celebration.

Traditionally, relatives come to visit on the first or second day of Christmas, and the family gets to talk and laugh over good food and a bottle or two of wine. For many families, however, Christmas is no longer a relaxing pleasure. Because with the many works that have to be done, the contemplative mood is lost a bit and the real meaning of the Christmas festival moves into the background. How nice would it be if you could sit back and relax and prepare a real expert with the meal preparation?

Our Ententaxi specializes in the preparation of festive meals for Christmas and has been delivering the finest Christmas menus in and around the Berlin and Brandenburg region for years. Are you thinking of pizza or Chinese for the feast? Not even close. Our trained chefs conjure traditional duck or goose menus and value a festive and sophisticated taste experience. We prepare your food in professional kitchens and serve it punctually on Christmas Eve at your place. In addition to the highest quality of ingredients, we guarantee reliable processing and professional service.

The choice is yours - duck or goose

Our Ententaxi gives you the choice on Christmas Eve between the Christmas menu duck und dem Christmas menu goose, Both menus are created for six people each and consist of a crispy duck or goose with numerous, carefully selected side dishes. Goose or duck is flavored with orange sauce, served with choice of red or kale and dumplings. To round off the Christmas meal, our customers can look forward to a homemade gingerbread panna cotta for dessert. Of course, as a perfectly perfect Christmas meal does not miss a good wine, we serve a bottle of red wine for dinner. All supplements are of course included in the price in addition to the goose or duck and are delivered directly from our ovens to your home. If you order a Christmas duck or Christmas goose with us, we will use only carefully selected ingredients for the preparation of your meal and individually check whether the quality of the goods meets our high standards. But at our meal, we not only value the highest quality and reliable delivery, but also value on a chic preparation. Because the eye eats with known. We prepare your feast in our kitchen visually so appealing that your guests will be delighted by the festive and Christmas ambience.

So you can enjoy a delicious meal with your friends or relatives completely stress-free and without much preparation and do not have to worry about anything. You have special requests, would like to eat for more people or just another side dish? Then contact us at any time and tell us your wishes.

Since our capacities are limited and we expect to be fully booked at Christmas, you should already take care of your Christmas dinner. Contact us and look forward to a wonderfully prepared meal, which guarantees the culinary taste of your guests guaranteed. Now just one christmasduck or Christmas goose order - at our Christmas delivery service!